Any Elixir meetups on the US East East cost in Nov?


I’ll be visiting US for a first time this November and would like to take opportunity to visit any Elixir-related gig: since 2015 I’m based in SEA and although it’s an eternal summer here with loads of good fruits and seafood I’m really missing technology-related meetups as there are none for non-native speakers here.

I can give a talk on technical/non-techincal topic in following areas of competence:

  • Migrating RoR/Trailblazer application to the Elixir/Phoenix as we did with the second version (never got released), including using Repository pattern to interact with Elastic Search.
  • Designing isolated(supervised) GenStage pipelines as we did for
  • Building CI/CD for Elixir apps with Jenkins CI.
  • Interacting with Monero API using Elixir (or forking ExAws to build superb API client, lol)
  • Choosing Elixir/Phoenix for your next app.

Apart from that would love just to hangout with local guys till as late/early as possible :slight_smile: