Any example apps available for ExAws

Hi i tried to connect my elixir app using ex_aws to my aws account with access key and its secret key. but its not connecting.
I am receiving these errors, How to resolve this guys…

18:05:09.430 [error] GenServer ExAws.Config.AuthCache terminating
** (RuntimeError) Instance Meta Error: {:error, %{reason: :ehostunreach}}

You tried to access the AWS EC2 instance meta, but it could not be reached.
This happens most often when trying to access it from your local computer,
which happens when environment variables are not set correctly prompting
ExAws to fallback to the Instance Meta.

Please check your key config and make sure they're configured correctly:

For Example:

I have an IAM user with these credential with SNS full access, S3Full access

Have you configured your keys as documented?

Per documentation it seems as if the default is, to just trust environment variables, have you made sure they are set correctly?

If that doesn’t work, it will try to infer from the role of the current host, as I read the docs, but that will of course only work if thats already part of your AWS account.

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I have did that, Environment variable as per the key, but it didn’t fetch later tried with removing system var and the defaults and gave value directly. It worked.

So i right now i am using with values not env variable. Will debug that bit later why it failed. Once done with upload the git repo link here.