Any guides on getting edeliver to work on Mac or Windows?

I couldn’t get it to work in Windows.
I couldn’t get it to work in Mac

Has anyone had any luck getting this to work on either of those systems – especially Mac?

If not does anyone have a good tutorial that actually works for getting releases out to Digital Ocean? I found some other tutorial online but they all seem to rely on edeliver which won’t work with the mac shell. I’ve tried hacking together the script to get it to work without any luck.



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I never tried edeliver, but it probably wont work on windows, due to lack of tools.

From what I’ve heard though, it should do its job on a mac. Perhaps post the error you see when trying to run it?

Aside of that, building the release in a docker container or VM that has the same distribution than your droplet at DO and pushing the release using scp, FTP or similar tools should work as well.

Please remember to create a systemd service regardless how you end up delivering/pushing the release to DO.


I’ve used it on mac with DO in the past with no problems. What problems are you seeing?

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Works for me with OSX and DO.

Did that two months ago. Took about 2 days of tweaking and 3-4 days of getting SSL.

My resources:

Base on:





  5. Elixir 1.9 releases with edeliver

I actually use all of those resources and wrote my own tutorial in Quiver (osx app for code snippets and documentation).

I can create blog post on how to do it if you like? I need to clean out the secret keys and passwords relating to my production server though from the quiver note. I am also in the middle of doing my thesis and graduating. But if you give me about a week I can have it in blog post. My setup skipped Nginx.


I would be super interested in this tutorial. I can wait and work on other stuff. Is it going to have the SSL as well? That would be sick.


I’m going to wait for the tutorial. But error I see is “mix” command not found.

Did you install elixir on the build server?

Yep it’ll have SSL. Ok I’ll work on it then.

Yup. Let’s hold off till mythicalgroprammer gets back to me as I’ll help him as I’m new and could give some solid feedback on how easy to use the tutorial was.

Here we go it’s a rough draft of my internal quiver note:


I’m away right now but I’ll take a swing at it next week.

Haven’t tried on windows or mac but when facing difficulty with edeliver generally, the --verbose and --debug flags were essential to me. Hope that tip helps but either way good luck!

I had edeliver working various times for various apps on Mac but it always ended up breaking down and then I found it far too much trouble to debug. I wasted a lot of hours.

I ended up switching to Bootleg and have found it a much more plessant experience in every way.

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I’ll take a look.