Any ideas on how I can improve my presentation about concurrency?

My presentation includes the content:

  1. The land of Elixir |> Erlang
  2. Concurrency vs Parallelism
  3. Concurrency Models
  4. Concurrency in Elixir |> Erlang
  5. How concurrency really works

This is my first presentation so please give me your comments to make it better. (I will present to Elixir/Erlang community in Vietnam.)
The link of presentation:


@AstonJ thank for you revision to moved this topic to appropriate category.
In the mean time, I will add more contents about “Load balancing mechanism of schedulers” and “A look into garbage collection”.

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This looks great. I’ve learnt a few things.

A technical suggestion:
The actor model looks like it could also result in deadlocks. Maybe mention something about timeouts.

A stylistic suggestion:
Something you could consider talking avout is the fact that the actor model brings Elixir to life. Genservers are the best representation of object oriented ideas I’ve ever seen. Its extremely powerful that processes can make decisions for themselves and communicate when they decide to. Whenever I think about implementing some complex things in other languages, it feels like I building a pile of datastructures then shuffling them around.

For example:
In most OOP languages, you define a chess board full of inanimate objects then manually push them around the board. In Elixir, you could create soldiers, give them weapons and instructions on how to interact, and let them loose on the field.

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@leductam It’s great to hear that.
I’m Vietnamese and I’m learning Elixir. How could I join your presentation and the community?