Any Phoenix 1.7 (non-LiveView) tutorials out there?


I know of one tutorial:
Any others out there? Book or online?
Also I want tutorials that concentrate on Phoenix and not Liveview. I think there is a lot of unexplored territory there not addressed by the current tutorials I’ve encountered.


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If you haven’t looked already (as it’s very common that people don’t), the official Phoenix Guides are very in depth without going into LiveView (that’s left up to the LiveView guides). It depends on what you are looking for, of course. I’ve never read anything other than those myself (and I could probably use a refresher, honestly).


Yeah I looked at those. There are some topics that they cover superficially which may better be done in more detail in a tutorial or reference. Like going in-depth on how to construct forms with the new form components.

Also I used the mix tool to generate a CRUD resource so I can understand how to do it by hand but I was mystified by some of the generated code I saw. I was surprised to see a function declaration without a body. I had to use google and saw it was a way to document functions among other things. A minor frustration.

I liked TDD Phoenix by @germsvel , but it’s still using Phoenix 1.5 unfortunately. Recently I also found dwyl/phoenix-todo-list-tutorial

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You will most probably will never find a tutorial that will cover everything.

I would recommend to get started with some basic tutorials. I strongly recommend not using generators, ecto or anything else to minimize the noise.

Phoenix by itself is built on very simple concepts, once you understand how Plugs work, and heex, you will pretty much know 80% of how framework works.

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It’s true stuff can be hard to find in the guides without following through start to finish. It’s a known issue that with hexdocs things can be a bit confusing since related things are separated up into their specific applications. In the case of Phoenix, you’re going to end up touching Phoenix, Ecto, and LiveView even if you don’t plan on using LiveView (since there is component documentation there). But the Phoenix guides are super thorough and will point you in the right direction if you read top to bottom. They are written in a tutorial style with links to relevant docs along the way that go into even more detail, so it’s worth the time investment if you’re up for it.

Dockyard Academy offers a thorough treatment of 1.7, as well as a later sections on LV.

:wave: have you looked at

Thanks, I’ll check.

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

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