Any solution for thing that Elixir is really applicable as blockchain?

So, as I hear fuzz about blockchain (or distributed ledger, if you wish) at some point I got interested in this technology to find out people use languages like go, rust, c++, so I wonder, is it just about performance?

Does any solution uses pure functional, actor-model-native language over there?
I’ve seen Waves which has gone hardcore with Scala, but it’s rather multi paradigm, and has to use 3rd party library to emulate actor model.

I believe that Aeternity is using Elixir for building their Blockchain nodes.

I think the main reason Elixir is such a good fit for this problem domain is its fault-tolerancy and the BEAM having been built from the ground up to work with distributed computing.


Well AEternity has written most of its system in Erlang and there is some work being done in Elixir as well. So, yes, Elixir is a decent choice for blockchains.

P.S. I am currently on the team.