Anybody know of an equivalent to Ruby's strong_migrations gem?

I spent a lot of time on CI setup for a new project last week and went through all of the project staples to get things in a good place: sobelow, credo, deps.audit, dialyzer (with plt caching).

But one of my favorite security blankets on Rails projects was always the strong_migrations gem, which inspects Rails migrations and warns the developer about potentially unsafe operations in their migrations while recommending safer alternatives. I’ve run into many developers who don’t take these things into account so this gem was always a big favorite of mine.

I’ve been digging around on Hex and Google though and I can’t seem to find an equivalent for Ecto Migrations.

Does anyone know of something similar?


It looks like there is now a strong_migrations equivalent for Elixir, but I don’t yet know whether it has feature parity with the Ruby gem


And another one, seemingly developed more actively as of today: