Anyone can welp-me givin an exemple of Many to many nested form?

I have the situation
a model called contract and a model called parts,

a contract can have and be lrelated to many parts

i have the folowing Schema

-> title
-> start_date
-> due_date
-> file

-> first_name
-> last_name
-> email
-> cpf
-> phone

-> contract_id
-> part_id

So how i can make a nested form to create those relationship between models?
exemple: i have a contract, A and a part B, C
so i want to related part B,C to contract A

but i havent any ideia how i can make a nested_form with a select to create this association

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Which one are you looking for:

  • Join many parts to a single contract
  • Join many contracts to a single part
  • Join many contracts to many parts
  • Join a single contract to a single parts
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