Anyone doing Advent of Code 2016?

The calendar is open, the second day is already published:

I’d love to be able to share solutions in Elixir and discuss the code.

(I don’t believe Elixir is a very good fit for those problems, but it’s still interesting to try to solve them!)


Yes, I am solving the problems:


I’m going to try to keep up, but no guarantees. I’ve got the first day only so far. I found Elixir’s immutable list manipulation and high order functions a great match for day 1. Note, there’s also an Elixir Slack channel to discuss #advent_of_code

As mentioned, we have an Advent of Code channel in the Slack that is fairly active.

My stuff is at:

Awesome! My stuff is at For some reason I’m forcing myself to keep the API of the first solution intact when the second part appears, which makes the code a bit convoluted.

Only on Day 4, but loving it so far! I disagree Elixir is not an appropriate language. Some of the solutions I have come up with are rather impressively efficient and clear (IMHO). No one liners as I am just not that skilled yet.

My stuff for what its worth.

Here’s my stuff. I’ve only had time to do three days so far though.

I am doing the exercises here:

just started learning elixir with advent of code 2016, couldn’t believe that i’m not missing static typed language c# and f# anymore. elixir is awesome. here is my code