Anyone has a de facto guilde/gist to deploy phoenix with edelivery

I am a newbie stuck with deployment since yesterday. I build release using edelivery and deployed it on staging server but it happens to not using cache_static_manifest. All static urls are not working. So do anyone has defacto guide to deploy phoneix framework. Including edelivery hooks for doing npm install, brunch build, phoenix digest.

Can you provide some more details at what is not working? Does your Endpoint go live? What is the url that the static urls are pointing to? What’s the difference between the resulting urls and the config of your app’s Endpoint static_url key?

One place to start might be the newly-refreshed Distillery documentation’s guide to Phoenix deployments:

Without really digging into your circumstances, one of the first things I would check is to make sure that you’re running mix phx.digest as part of the release process, or that Edeliver does so on your behalf.

The Phoenix docs also have a section about static assets that I would review for gotchas: