Anyone interested in joining a core team around Torch

Is anyone interested in joining a core team around Torch?

Torch is a rapid admin generator for Elixir & Phoenix - Sort of in the same vein as ActiveAdmin for Rails or ExAdmin.

The maintainer indicated that he may be willing to pass the project off. Is there any interest in creating a team around this?

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I am in.

hows it different from ex_admin or coherence?

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Coherence is an authentication system, which Torch would not handle.

Torch is more similar to a scaffolding system to quickly generating context, views, and templates for a resource.

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The main difference with ex_admin is that ex_admin uses a DSL to control its behavior. Torch is a generator: you run a command and you get standard Phoenix controllers, views, and templates in your project.

In my opinion, this makes it easier to customize because you don’t have to learn the DSL and potentially run into roadblocks if you need something the system doesn’t support. With Torch, you just have regular Phoenix files, so you can tweak them any way you like.


I am interested to help with Torch. I was already planning to work with it and add some liveview features, I will reuse some of my code from my table filter with liveview

And I will add an option for the generation of the templates to be liveview templates or the current templates.

I am quite new to Elixir/Phoenix and github and it would be my first team project on github.

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I’m writing my own admin generator (Mandarin), based on a custom query builder which might be a little more powerful than the one used by torch. I don’t know if there is any benefit in both projects reusing part of the other. Probably not, because both projects seem to be coupled to their respective query builders. Link to forum post here: Mandarin + Forage - An admin tool for phoenix


Hi, did you find anyone? I am super interested! This is my github

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