Anyone planning to do an Nx/Axon video or blog post walkthrough?

I am really excited about Nx/Axon. Jose has done a few examples of the MNIST dataset but it moved a bit too quickly for my ML n00b self to understand.

Does anyone have an Nx/Axon example in the works? If so, mind sharing a link?

Googling/Youtube-ing turns up nothing.

Thank you


Not exactly what you’re asking but you can follow @seanmor5 website over there →, he’s been posting some insight into Nx/Axon lately.


Thanks for the mention @shad!

I will eventually get around to making more in-depth Nx and Axon example write ups. My goal is to implement all of the examples in the Axon repository as Livebooks with explanations of what’s going on. I recently did a more comprehensive Nx post here if you’d like to check that out


Thanks for the work on Axon, it looks amazing.

I am a beginner at ML, but it looks a lot like Keras.

Does that mean we can use Convolutional NN to solve MNIST?

It looks like Axon has all the tools to build many different layers and activation functions :slight_smile:


Yes CNNs are supported! This is an example CNN for the CIFAR10 dataset. It is a bit overkill for MNIST, but it can be trimmed down :slight_smile:

I am working on adding support for RNNs and Attention for sequence models soon


Groxio just released “Elixir-NX-Axon: Elixir’s Machine Learning Library”:

Good stuff!

Thanks @redrapids

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