Anyone use RethinkDB as their database in Phoenix?


I’m new here and I’m interested on building web apps using Phoenix framework.
In my other project I used NodeJS as backend to handle rethinkdb connection and listens to the data emitted by the database.

RethinkDB has official driver for JS but not in Elixir. I found a repo for a Elixir driver but its kinda outdated and inactive already (

May I know what who uses RethinkDB as database for your phoenix applications and what driver did you use.

Thank you.

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I’m interested in this as well and Googling has brought me here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone has replied. It’s very strange, it’s like 4 years ago, all RethinkDB + Elixir development just stopped.

We need to resurrect rethinkdb-elixir, or at least get a new maintainer for the code, and get it up to OTP 20 compatibility.

RethinkDB + Phoenix is really a good combination. Hope someone can fork the original rethinkdb-elixir and develop it.

I imagine this had something to do with that. There’s clearly new governance, and it seems like the community has carried on, but it’s taken a while to get a community release out, and it makes sense that folks might look elsewhere in the intervening time.