Anyone used broadway_dashboard to visualize work happening in gen_stage

I love the broadway_dashboard package: it provides visibility into how long-running processes are coming along.

However, sometimes we need a more complex GenStage implementation than what is possible with Broadway (e.g. having layers of producer_consumer’s). I’m wondering if anyone has tried hooking up GenStage pipelines to the broadway_dashboard page?

Thanks in advance!


This is very interesting. I was always wondering how you can visualize and measure the throughput without much hassle.

The broadway_dashboard depends on telemetry emitted by broadway. You’d have to add similar events to genstage. Also broadway exposes the topology of a pipeline, this is also used by the dashboard.

What about using Statix?

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Wouldn’t a statsd solution require some other software to do the visualization/charts?

Yes, naturally that would be the downside of that. From the minimal amount of research I’ve done, if you want local stats, Graphite is what you use to collect the stats and Grafana is the preferred way to render the stats. But I may be wrong.