Anyone using LoRa modules?

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask if anyone maybe used LoRa(Wan) RF modules with Nerves already?
I have a couple of usecases where it would be nice, but don’t have a clue how this would work.

I assume via GPIOs/serial communication?
Did anyone connect other RF modules or sensors like that?



Not yet. I’m waiting for some Kickstarter funded LoRa modules to arrive (hopefully in the next few weeks) and I will be playing with them using Python to start with but would love to eventually develop a Nerves system with them. However for things like this I think I’m going to be in the hands of more experienced hardware-aware developers to create libraries for me.


Same here - we are already using LoRa modules with arduinos and RPis, but I’m not an expert on low level programming.

It would be a nice combination, although probably not high in priority for the nerves community (e.g. OTA updates are not easily doable, low power is not a priority when using RPis, etc).

We have the use case that we need to integrate various devices over ethernet, process a lot of data, and send aggregations over a non-internet (LoRa) connection back.

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Hello yes, right now I am evaluating some. I made some setups based on a BBGW with a Microchip RN2483. Then evaluated a lot of those esp32 based boards. Now we designed our own LoRaBoard based on recent Semtech chip you can attach to a beagle bone pocket. For more info you can contact me under All software is mainly based on elixir/nerves


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Hi all,
I started a module for LoRa radios that use SPI. If anyone is interested in helping or giving suggestions, this project is on Github, in the link below:


my lora modules are on the way - will check it out and give a hand soon!

goal is to connect to right?

The goal is to have a simple way to send and receive data via the LoRa network written entirely in elixir. And yes, you can connect to gateways of “The Things Network”.

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awesome - keep us posted on progress, what works, what doesn’t etc - will be 3-4 weeks before I get the modules (and time)…

4 weeks… :astonished:…Did you have a problem with delivery because of COVID?
Which radio did you buy?
I have already tested the sending and receiving of packets with the RA-02 AI-thinker radio.

Nice job @brunosantanaa! I never tinkered with LoRa, but I have been planning to do that for a while, and your library looks nice and simple to use.

One small thing, it looks like there is a typo, paket instead of packet: (unless paket is a LoRa specific term, I don’t know details about it yet)

ebay - china to europe is usually 3-5 weeks delivery…

sx1262 bare chip for nerves - pretty much same as sx1276 afaik -

and an esp32 SX1276 board thing - so should be able to get that going on TTN, and then figure out getting nerves/elixir on as well… and also have them talk to each other without any big network…

awesome - will get back to you when I get the hardware…

anybody looking at hardware remember to look up your country’s frequencies here and get a matching board/module…

@lucaong… Thanks for the remark!

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@brunosantanaa finally got all the needed HW… so will give it a go soon…

ended up going for the same module as you have, as to not complicate things

2x RFM95(w) for europe 868Mhz (~9 usd on ebay)
this breakout board/hat

fyi my board/hat came with ufl solder pads for connecting external antennas, which is very nice…

I also have a gateway since there wasn’t good/consistent coverage at my place - you can check for gateways close by…

soon-ish I’ll get the radios ping-ponging on simple lora…

then attempt to get lorawan/ttn working building upon your wan branch - first a simple “abp” connect/send, then work from there (receive/otaa etc)…

I may start out using via rustler for encoding/decoding packages if needed… just to get something working asap…

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