Anyone using LoRa modules?


Hi there,

I just wanted to ask if anyone maybe used LoRa(Wan) RF modules with Nerves already?
I have a couple of usecases where it would be nice, but don’t have a clue how this would work.

I assume via GPIOs/serial communication?
Did anyone connect other RF modules or sensors like that?


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Not yet. I’m waiting for some Kickstarter funded LoRa modules to arrive (hopefully in the next few weeks) and I will be playing with them using Python to start with but would love to eventually develop a Nerves system with them. However for things like this I think I’m going to be in the hands of more experienced hardware-aware developers to create libraries for me.

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Same here - we are already using LoRa modules with arduinos and RPis, but I’m not an expert on low level programming.

It would be a nice combination, although probably not high in priority for the nerves community (e.g. OTA updates are not easily doable, low power is not a priority when using RPis, etc).

We have the use case that we need to integrate various devices over ethernet, process a lot of data, and send aggregations over a non-internet (LoRa) connection back.


Hello yes, right now I am evaluating some. I made some setups based on a BBGW with a Microchip RN2483. Then evaluated a lot of those esp32 based boards. Now we designed our own LoRaBoard based on recent Semtech chip you can attach to a beagle bone pocket. For more info you can contact me under All software is mainly based on elixir/nerves


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