Anyone working on Zipkin or OpenTracing libraries? Anyone want to?


We’ve started using Zipkin, for our Java and Node apps, and since I’m trying to get Elixir into the mix, I’ve been looking for supporting libraries.

Is anyone working on this? If not, anybody interested in collaborating?



I am curious how do you connect from elixir to Java/Node if may I ask? I assume this is some synchronize communication.

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Hi Michal,

Elixir would communicate with the Zipkin server over HTTP. The whole system hangs together by passing trace ids via HTTP headers.

The Node & Java applications are just other clients of Zipkin that we already use.


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Hi Ellis,
I’m currently achieving the implementation of the OpenTracing API in Erlang/Elixir.
Under testing.
We shall soon transmit the latter to the OpenTracing project.

PS: You can contact me at in case. Ciao

Super! Thanks for letting me know, Marc.

I had started (this week) on a Brave [1] equivalent, which is targeted at Zipkin rather than OpenTracing, since we have already adopted the Zipkin Server for our Java and node.js apps. However, I’ve only just started, and am learning as I go along, so progress is a bit slow, although it’s a great excuse to learn!

I’ll keep an eye out for your project, I’d like to know how it differs from my näive approach; perhaps OpenTracing can be bridged to Zipkin, as Brave can be bridged to OpenTracing?



Hi Ellis,

Thanks for your reply. Practical approach is probably the best way to
learn how to code :slight_smile:

I’ll provide you with the URL of our code repository soon. And yes,
Zipkin can be bridged to OpenTracing. We are working on this aspect as
well (though we

started an implementation of a full Erlang/Elixir tracing platform - so
that to gain from the fantastic OTP platform and concurrency of Erlang).
Our intend is to develop self-organizing cloud stack - on Amazon, for
now - based on traces from the APM system. And we prefer functional
programming over OO.

This project will be open-source as well. Our tiny startup (located in
France and Switzerland) is working on crypto-stuffs and real-time
payment, as well as automated compliance checking.

Let’s keep in touch.


PS: A great article of one of our smartest computer scientists in
Switzerland (father of procedural progamming and Pascal - Niklaus Wirth)
on how to teach computer science:

The Art of Teaching Computer Science: Niklaus Wirth

This is also around :slight_smile: May be worth it to see if we could use it and help them :slight_smile: