Api interface design

Good evening elixirs (don’t know if you have a special name:)),
For my first proyect, i am going to do an app/library/module for interface with this api.
I think about 3 possible ways (i had draw a beautiful images but i not able to show here so i will put a link):
…* App design:
Create an entire app wich generates a new pool for every token and manage all of them with the top server
Module 1
Generate a new pool for every process but it doesn’t know about the others so it isn’t able to control the rate limit
Module 2:
Just a simple call to the api, no rate control and need to pass the token for every request

I am here to learning so, tell what you want:)
pd: apologize my english

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your module 1 is a dead link.

Hi, i just pasted the link twice Module 1.

I finally go for the app way but without the pool final. Spawning a pool doesn’t allow a very good control rate and increase the complexity at the same time.

You might try finch as it manages pools

Looks great but i think i am going to be able to reach the api limit with one single process per key. If it isn’t the case, i will spawn one of this for every key.