App.html.eex not read anymore after migrating from LiveView 0.3 to 0.9

I have updated my test app installation from LiveView 0.3.0 to 0.9.0, and phoenix_html from 2.11 to 2.14, and made the changes that the docs specicify to my sources.
After this, the app.html.eex seems that is not loaded anymore. Only my own index.html.leex.
I couldn’t find any reference in the web regarding any other change I have to make to my app to keep working as before after this version update.

Any hints or help greatly appreciated.

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You’re definitely on 0.9 and not 0.10 or a Git release? The changelog for 0.10 mentions a breaking change around this idea specifically:

$ mix deps.get
Resolving Hex dependencies…
Dependency resolution completed:
connection 1.0.4
cowboy 2.7.0
cowlib 2.8.0
db_connection 2.2.1
decimal 1.8.1
ecto 3.3.4
ecto_sql 3.3.4
file_system 0.2.8
floki 0.26.0
gettext 0.17.4
html_entities 0.5.1
jason 1.2.0
mime 1.3.1
phoenix 1.4.16
phoenix_ecto 4.1.0
phoenix_html 2.14.0
phoenix_live_reload 1.2.1
phoenix_live_view 0.9.0
phoenix_pubsub 1.1.2
plug 1.9.0
plug_cowboy 2.1.2
plug_crypto 1.1.2
postgrex 0.15.3
ranch 1.7.1
telemetry 0.4.1
All dependencies are up to date

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Try adding the following line to your pipeline:

plug :put_live_layout, {MyWeb.LayoutView, "app.html"}

Yep! This worked!

Shouldn’t this be reflected in the docs?

It’s no longer in the master, so once you upgrade to 0.10.0 you’ll have to change it anyway. It was mentioned in the CHANGELOG though.

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