Archivist: Plain-Text Blogging with Arcdown and Markdown

Hey all! FunctionHaus and myself have just released version 0.3.1 of Archivist, a plain-text blogging engine similar to Nabo that parses articles as Arcdown by default and uses Earmark to parse content as Markdown.

Archivist takes a similar approach to Nabo, but with some key differences:

  • Articles are formatted in Arcdown format by default, allowing for more robust articles and article features.

  • Content parsing and sorting mechanisms are exposed as anonymous functions, easiliy exposing custom functionality.

  • Articles can be organized into nested topic directories for better organization. Topics are parsed in a hierarchical structure.

  • Use of an “intermediate library pattern” is supported, allowing content and articles to be stored in a dedicated library and separate repository.

  • Default attributes are included for both author names and email addresses

  • created_at and published_at timestamps are permitted

  • Flexible tags can be applied as desired to any article

  • Custom content constraints throw warnings during compilation if violated

  • Slug uniqueness is enforced by default and triggers compile-time warnings

  • Image files can be stored alongside articles, and accessed with helpers

Archivist is under active development and will continue to be improved as it is deployed into production in multiple contexts. Issues are being actively tracked and addressed at the Archivist issue tracker on GitHub.

Please feel free to provide feedback and questions regarding the platform and its usage and we’ll do our best to assist.

Current packages for both Archivist and Arcdown are published to


hello, is there any sample running :archivist…??

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Hey @odyright - thanks for the message. We’re putting one up shortly at I’ll send you the link when we’ve got it deployed.

Hey @zazaian,
Thanks, I’m staying tuned.