Are Tasks handed off when running a Cluster?

Hello! We’re running a two node cluster and do rolling deploys in ECS, let’s call them Node A and Node B. When a deploy is triggered, Nodes C/D spin up and join the cluster, then Nodes A/B are destroyed.

If I were to start a Task on Node A and trigger a deploy, will that task get handed off to one of the new Nodes?

No. You would need to setup that on your own. Tasks in default implementation are always ran locally.


Thanks! Are there any docs you can point to for that? Or would it be more along the lines a GenServer and doing actual upgrades?

Look into Horde for distributed registry and supervision. It also mentions state handoff in the docs.

Also look into Oban for job processing. It is resistent to restarts since it uses Postgres for keeping state. Here you won’t need any handoff.


I would also mention swarm to the distributed toolkit available.