Are there any courses to learn Elixir through the lens of a Javascript developer?

Greetings Elixir Developers,

My name is Daniel, and I am taking my first step to learn all about the Elixir language. Currently I have a background in JavaScript, and React. When speaking of the Elixir language I noticed the syntax is quite short and the over all language is explicit.

My question is to know if there are any courses to learn Elixir through the lens of a Javascript developer.

Thank you to all those who answer and I am excited to start my journey and meet all the great Elixir Developer here.


Here’s a couple which target programmers.

This post might help:

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Thank you CMO

Functional programming through the lens of imperative programming causes confusion for learners. Only my personal experience.

Names might sound similar - but context will be different. In elixir, most of the programming revolves around using Enum module or recursion. for in javascript and elixir are little different.

If I were to learn elixir from scratch - I would forget about other languages and start with Home · Elixir School or Introduction - The Elixir programming language to learn about elixir.

There are some good courses which have been mentioned in this thread.