What are the most up-to-date Phoenix learning resources in 2022?

It finally feels like I’ve got some time to catch up on my reading - though I am sure lots of people will be wondering the same: what are the most up-to-date Phoenix books and courses in 2022?

Is it still worth reading Programming Phoenix first or better to wait until it’s updated? Or is it better reading the guides and them jumping in to Programming Phoenix LiveView (which I think is the most recent Phoenix book).

I’ve already made a start on Elixir for Programmers as it was updated recently.

Any other suggestions?

And if you’re someone who learned Phoenix recently or are learning it in 2022, how did you go about it?


I second all of those @AstonJ and I’d also add Mike & Nicole’s Phoenix LiveView course on PragProg.


I just reached out to Mike at Pragmatic Studio and he said they are working on an update of their courses for Phoenix 1.6 and LiveView 0.17 and it should be out soon. But for now, it is based on older versions. That said, their course is EXCELLENT and was worth every penny. I took both the Elixir and Phoenix LiveView Pro courses.

Another resource is Groxio. They have released new videos for LiveView 0.17.

I have been struggling to find up-to-date resources, so I’m hoping there will be more resources posted.


The Phoenix Files has some good stuff.

Various conference talks and blog posts. Information is spread all over the place :upside_down_face:


I’m going through Programming Phoenix LiveView after taking a hiatus from Elixir while working on other projects and I am enjoying it. It covers a lot of the Phoenix fundamentals for a good refresher from Programming Phoenix (which I read before a version was included ie 1.4) as well as recent updates (phx.auth.gen).

It also has a recent beta update on LiveView Components which is what I wanted to catch up on since I decided PETAL for my next project and while browsing the petal_components and LiveBeats source code - I realized I was pretty behind on the community’s progress the past year+.

A+++ seller, will buy again.


Example LiveView App written by Chris McCord:


It was last updated 5 days ago, so this looks very recent.


hopefully, soon Phoenix’s docs will be on par (or better) with Laravel’s (sorry for my subjective take).


Where do you think they fall short? Perhaps you could submit some PRs? :smiley:

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@AstonJ, not PR worthy but it’s just me getting used to other docs. Both framework is quick with setting up, one area I’m slightly confused (from newbie’s perspective) is with liveview upload, with this part:

Allow uploads
You enable an upload, typically on mount, via allow_upload/3:

@impl Phoenix.LiveView
def mount(_params, _session, socket) do
   |> assign(:uploaded_files, [])
   |> allow_upload(:avatar, accept: ~w(.jpg .jpeg), max_entries: 2)}

which file should we put that? I’m pretty sure I missed lots of details cause I glanced over.


If you scroll further down the page it will give you a clue @soyjeansoy :wink: :003:


ah silly me :expressionless: :person_facepalming: