Are there any free video tutorials?

I love the Phoenix and Elixir docs, but I always tend to learn faster when I watch a video of someone explaining things and then I implement it myself.

Any suggestions ? Youtube doesn’t have much to offer and usually for other frameworks there are free resources available.

Thanks in advance!

We have some free videos on our site. They’re marked with “public” you are welcome to take a look


On YouTube the Tensor Programming videos are quite good. I found out about them through @OvermindDL1 on this forum. They give a clear explanation of processes, for example.

Also, I understand if you can’t afford it but I’d generally recommend buying content. I know that I typically take videos more seriously if I’ve bought them. If you decide that you can spend a bit of dosh, there’s this thread:
I can personally vouch for PragDave’s course and the stuff at Pragmatic Studio.


Try Elixir Casts. Many of their videos are free, which can be viewed either on their official site or on their Youtube channel:


I made a series of videos on GenServer basics with a few usage examples at (It’s a youtube channel)


I have a lot of videos on my channel “The Beam Channel”

There is nothing much on Phoenix yet, but a lot on Elixir and Erlang. I am sure I will do some Phoenix stuff at some point.


Check out the Screencasts section of Awesome Elixir:

Then there’s also a similar section on


If you aren’t entirely new to programming then I can highly recommend Alchemist Camp on YouTube.