Are there any "Intelligent Agent" frameworks built in elixir?

I’ve been working on a weird idea for about a week and I realized today, “Oh, all I’m doing is creating a framework for intelligent agents!” I thought, perhaps this kind of thing already exists?

By “intelligent agent” I mean, essentially a leaning actor that has some representation of the environment it acts within who uses that model to determine what it should do in order to affect the environment to look like some goal. Or at the very least it’s an actor that collaborates with other actors to answer some question.

So that means I’m envisioning something using opt and built on top of genserver that abstracts the creation of a model of the environment and the use of such a model to achieve a goal.

I know this is a big ask, so I’m not too hopeful that someone has built something like this, but I think something like this needs to be made for the automation of collaborative learning agents.



Not such a weird idea at all. Elixir and the Erlang/OTP would be an excellent choice for the kind of multi-agent system that I think you are envisioning: Message passing, concurrency and event handling are key aspects of these systems. You might not actually need a whole new framework.

Based on past experience, you may want to find an alternative term to “intelligent agents” which are in any case not the same as “collaborative learning agents”.


Hi LegitStack,

Have a look at these two projects in combination:

and these articles:

Hope it helps.