Are there any "stable & production ready" alternatives to Rails' Devise for Phoenix?

I’ve been looking through awesome-elixir and googling around for something along the lines of Devise database-based authentication library for Phoenix.

The closest thing I managed to find so far is coherence, which however warns right at the beginning that it is early and under active development.

What do you guys use?

There is ueberauth with their guardian which I’m currently using. Works as expected and no issues acquired. :slight_smile:


at the moment, i’d say coherence is the closest to devise in regards to functionality. it is still very young though

ueberauth + guardian is more like a building block. it doesn’t provide views, password resets, account confirmation and all that.


Sure, as I am building API, then guardian is good way to go :slight_smile:


Also see this thread:


When in doubt, the correct answer is probably Guardian+Überauth. Coherence does look interesting, but I haven’t used it. It also seems very Phoenix and Ecto specific (the former ain’t so bad, seeing as how this question pertains to Phoenix specifically, but the latter is problematic in applications that use a database system like CouchDB or Riak or Mnesia or pretty much anything else that’s actually written in Erlang :icon_sad:).

That said, I generally build it myself. There are libraries like ecto-secure-password that help with the password-hashing side of things, and I ended up adding functionality to the Sugar framework for checking whether the user’s logged in (said functionality could probably be used in a Phoenix or pure-Plug app, but I’ve yet to try it). More flexible than going with full-blown Guardian+Überauth, but there’s more work involved.