Are there any tutorials on how to use Jellyfish?

I would like to build a video conference app using Phoenix LiveView, where users could join a room a talk. Are there any tutorials or blog posts on how to build such app with Jellyfish from scratch?

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Hi @MatijaL, please check out Jellyfish docs, there are examples and tutorials there :wink:

HI, I’m aware of those tutorials but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on how to integrate Jellyfish with Phoenix.

Hi, you’d integrate Jellyfish with Phoenix like with any other app, just take the server SDK (in your case, probably the Elixir Server SDK) and use it inside your Phoenix app to crate rooms, add peers etc.
Check out the Jellyfish Videoroom, it’s a simple video-conferencing app built with Phoenix and Jellyfish.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Has there been any updates on deployment issue, has it been solved? (experimental) | Jellyfish

We haven’t done anything with since the that time, so if nothing changed, I don’t think the issues have been resolved.

Ok, thanks. I checked the code you linked above… tried to make it work but as I never used WebRTC before, I couldn’t make it work, it’s just too much so I decided to give up on it for now. It would be great if someone could write some kind of step-by-step tutorial of a blog post on how to build a simple video chat app in the future.

Thank you for this.