Are there design patterns for functional programming?

Hello everybody,

I wonder is there design patterns for functional programming?

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Hello there! Yes there are. Guessing that you come with this question from an OOP background I can fully recommend this book: Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure

I know it’s not elixir, but it helped me a lot back in the day while programming Ruby :slight_smile:

The “patterns” look quite different though as they center around functions most of the time. This stackexchange discussion might also help.

I also found a talk which seems to hit on the topic - I have only skimmed it so far though.



You might also enjoy this talk. It is based on F#, but still apply.


I would like to point out that design patterns for FP =/= design patterns for concurrent distributed programming, given that this question was asked in an Elixir forum. Fred Hebert’s Erlang in Anger is an easy reading for the later.