Are you using any AI tools to make you more productive Elixir dev?

Hey guys,

from my experience, ChatGPT is not too useful for Elixir, so I was wondering, are you using any AI tools that make you more productive developer?

1 Like as my editor, given file contexts on demand turns out GPT4 is more than capable :slight_smile:

I asked him for an example of what it could help with, and I’m not overwhelmed to say the least :sweat_smile: Could you give an example that you find really useful?

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Mostly I have an elixir codebase, and for doing nontrivial stuff it can read the whole file to have sufficient context, so I can:

  • mark some lines like an ugly function and say “refactor this to idiomatic elixir” (cmd+K) and it does quite perfectly
  • in a module cmd-k and task it to write a function that does a particular thing, like in a ecto context module “write a function that lists me all users that XYZ” and it does - and since my module already contains proper @doc and @spec everywhere (also AI-generated), it adds these right away
  • see some code maybe an algorithm that you try to understand: mark the lines and “explain me what this does and why”
  • see some error (intellisense or terminal) and hit the “auto debug” button, where it hunts down where the error comes from and why - does even propose a fix like 50% of the time, but at least ends up in the right location in general

… just ontop of my head