Array merge in elixir

I have 2 arrays: a1 can be any combination of value or nil like that

a1 = [1,nil,3]

and array 2 the same

a2 = [4,2, nil]

How do I combine them together in a way that if a2 contains a value its value will take
so, in the above array the result will be: [4,2,3]

  1. There are no arrays in Elixir.

  2. You can probably use Enum.zip_with/2. The following should do if I understand you correctly (a2 takes precedennce unless it is nil):

    Enum.zip_with([a1, a2], fn [a, nil] -> a; [_, b] -> b end)

OK, list, not array :slight_smile:
thanks for your answer