Asdf-erlang plugins with precompiled Erlang for Ubuntu


To save some time when switching projects or development machines, I glued together an asdf plugin that uses Erlang precompiled by Bob thanks to the great team. If you’re using the GitHub erlef/setup-beam action or hexpm docker images, there’s a chance you’re already using those builds on CI or in production - now you should be able to use them in your development environment as well.

Here are the plugins:

All I did is I forked asdf-elixir and made a few changes to adjust it for Erlang.

I don’t have much experience with packaging or distributing Erlang, all the work has been done by the team, and hopefully it works and is suitable to be used this way as well.


Personally I would go with elixir way and provide ERLANG-VERSION-ubuntu-20.04 build just like ELIXIR-VERSION-otp-24 (in original erlang plugin). With this we can easily go also with alpine builds.

I don’t plan to add any more platforms, advanced features or configurations, hopefully we’ll be able to provide this functionality in the main asdf-erlang plugin somehow and avoid fragmentation. There is an open issue for it.