Ash 3.1 released

Ash 3.1 Released!

Major themes

Generators! These are just the first entries into a powerful new suite of tools. Check out the generator docs for more! Ash and AshPostgres now have installers and generators powered by Igniter. We think that igniter is going to be a very big deal, expect to see a blog post, more updates to igniter, and installers & generators for each Ash package!

Built in UUIDv7 support: the type :uuid_v7 has been added to core, in addition to a uuid_v7_primary_key :name attribute builder. Thanks @moissela!

In addition, we’ve been hard at work cleaning up bugs, improving DX and smoothing out sharp edges.

Big Picture

One thing I wanted to touch on as part of this announcement, is the idea of “Ash 4.0”. Before those of you who have just done the 3.0 upgrade jump out of your seats, I’d like to explain that there are no current plans for a 4.0 version of Ash. It may happen in the future, if there are breaking changes that absolutely must go in, but if it ever does it will be 5-10% as big as the update from 2.0 → 3.0.

Ash core is, for the most part, now “feature complete”. There are tons of improvements that can be made to various subsystems, optimizations, nobs and dials added, etc. But the general shape of Ash as of 3.0 will be the general shape of Ash for many years to come.

Now we get to focus our efforts more on the Ash & Elixir ecosystem!

We hope this comes as good news to our users :slight_smile:



  • [Generators] add mix ash.install (call with mix igniter.install ash)

  • [Generators] add mix ash.gen.resource

  • [Generators] add mix ash.gen.base_resource

  • [Generators] add mix ash.gen.domain

  • [Generators] add mix ash.extend

  • [Ash.Type.UUIDv7] Add built in Ash.Type.UUIDv7 type, and uuid_v7_primary_key builder

Bug Fixes:

  • [atomics] sort primary key changes ahead of others in atomic changes

  • [Ash.Changeet] fix typespec for Changeset.around_transaction/2 (#1292)

  • [multitenancy] ensure tenancy is always enforced on create/update/destroy actions

  • [loading relationships] lateral join on from_many? true relationships

  • [calculations] don’t reuse calculations/aggregates if authorize? is true

  • [aggregates] ensure aggregate context is fully configured in Ash.aggregate

  • [bulk actions] properly transfer changeset.context on streamed batch changesets

  • [bulk actions] ensure notifications are dispatched from bulk actions

  • [lazy loading] lazy-loading logic for calculations/aggregates was inversed (#1275)

  • [error handling] properly match on async task exceptions

  • [policies] ensure context is available in policy template expressions

  • [policies] ensure forbidden errors behave the same when using implicit bulk version of code interface functions

  • [manual relationships] compare keys in manual relationships when using ‘complex’ types (#1270)

  • [Ash.Filter] cover more cases in filter input parsing (#1261)

  • [has_one relationships] automatically set from_many? if a has_one has a sort applied

  • [Ash.Filter] fix match error when synthesizing joins across data layers

  • [Ash.DataLayer.Ets] properly support multitenancy when referencing relationships

  • [Ash.Type.Union] initialize & validate each subtype of a union


  • [Ash.Type.Enum] allow overriding cast_stored/2 and dump_to_native/2

  • [Ash.DataLayer.Simple] support offset in the simple data layer

  • [Ash.Changeset] allow after_action hooks in fully atomic changesets


Awesome! The generators are really nice - they’ll save a lot of initial set up time, and copying and pasting boilerplate for things like new resources :star_struck:


Nice work! The book should be coming out pretty soon then?


Still a few months at least :slight_smile:


Awesome :fire:

IMO, Igniter will be a game changer, especially if in the future it will be adopted also in phoenix and liveview :star_struck:


I get the feeling that this isn’t a terrible time to be starting my Ash journey :flying_saucer:


I made the update and ElixirLS stopped working for me. Did anybody else experience this issue?

From 3.0 to 3.1?

EDIT: it seems to work well for me. You may want to try rm -rf .elixir_ls and letting it rebuild potentially?

Yes. I tried deleting deps and such, no luck. Made an issue on elixir ls but response was that it’s related to ash.

edit: okay, will try, didn’t try that.

I was just trying to figure out how to get uuid7 working with Ash yesterday!!!


  1. What’s the impact of changing uuid_primary_key :id to uuid_v7_primary_key :id in existing resources?
  2. currently in my postgres section, I have migration_defaults id: "fragment(\"uuid_generate_v4()\")" set. Is there a uuid7 equivalent?

Thanks for the awesome work!

  1. Should just work :slight_smile: Make sure to run ash.codegen
  2. This is done automatically for you. The "ash-functions" extension (as of the latest version of ash_postgres) includes a function to generate v7 uuids.

EDIT: Keep in mind though that the ordering of those converted from uuids to uuidv7s will be random.

Upgraded! And gone into production!

PS. Side note, if you are using, you’d need to add {:sourceror, "~> 1.4", override: true} to your mix.exs

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If your are using ash_phoenix, it has a dependency on ash 3.0. So if you want to upgrade, set {:ash, "~> 3.1", override: true} in your mix.exs

PS, I haven’t seen anything from ash_phoenix breaking with Ash 3.1 so far.

Strange… ash_pheonix uses "~> 3.0" which means 3.1 should be allowed. Are you sure ash_phoenix is the reason you had to use override: true?

Hmmm… I could no longer replicate my reported issue.

The difference between my upgrade yesterday and today is v 3.1.2 vs 3.1.3

Weirld but all good now.

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