Ash Framework How-to Guides

First two Ash cookbooks are live! We’re still refining the format, so please give us your feedback, good or bad! The first two are: optimistic locking and state machines!. Got a few more fun ones coming soon! :tada:

I’ll update this thread as more are released :grin:


So we’ve done a lot of reworking to better fit the framework. We’re doing way with the term cookbook, and will be trying to laser focus these on practical, goal oriented tasks. To that end we removed the state machine “cookbook” as it didn’t fit the bill, it was more of a tutorial.

We’ll be sticking to diataxis’ framework term, “how-to guides” when referring to these guides.

More to come soon!


Encrypting attributes!

How-to guide #2 is up :partying_face: Encrypt Attributes — ash v3.0.0-rc.46

A note on the format: I was able to find a way to hide the “livebook setup” code block at the top, so now these look much nicer in ex_doc :tada:


How-to guide numbers 3, 4, and 5 are up!