AshAdmin can't use manage_related in generated forms

In the ash_admin demo video, the management of related data in the generated forms is shown, using a function or macro called manage_related.

Following the steps shown in the video I end up with:
error: undefined function manage_related/1 (there is no such import)

Perhaps I’m on the wrong branch, I’m using version 0.9.5 but I’ve also looked for it in the main branch to no avail.

Zach said there are some rough edges, but I’d love to get this particular magic working.

Hi @spacebat :wave:

It looks like that feature was removed on 0.9.5 but I can’t see what was supposed to replace it.

I’m sure that @zachdaniel will be able to explain why when he returns from his holiday.

Hello! So this no longer is configured in ash_admin, it is derived from the action itself. For example:

create :create do
  argument :comments, {:array, :map}

  change manage_relationship(:comments, type: :create)

We infer the inputs for comments automatically.

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