ASP.NET Core or Phoenix

Hi all
If you have a choice between ASP.NET Core or Phoenix for your next project, which one would you choose?


Do you really have to ask? :lol:


I don’t know and have no intention of learning it.


If you know but don’t know elixir then it would depend on how much you would like to learn and how much time you would have for it :wink:

If you are hardcore asp developer then I would stick with asp, and do some toy project with elixir on the side

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Also if this is for a business and you want a large pool of developers to hire from then is going to offer that.

Nobody can answer that question without more information. Are the developers developers? Is the environment this project is developed for using lots of other Microsoft services? What is the project that is developed?

There is no such thing as the one framework that is better than everything else. For some projects Rails might be a great solution, for some Phoenix, for some Django or Simphony. It all depends.

And everyone who blindly answers: I DO EVERYTHING IN PHOENIX NOW!! Yes, I can totally understand that feeling. But be careful and look around. Sometimes choosing a Framework that is not on your “#1 hot things to do” list and instead doing it with something like Django is a more valid choice.


I was facing the same question a few months ago. and I went phoenix. Elixir and phoenix felt better to work with.
Adt the community is just better.

that said , don`t discard either when you decide. you will not always be able to choose a stack when dealing with customers.
bitboxers post makes a lot of sense.

But phoenix has Elixir , Elixirs community and the BEAM! PEW PEW !


ASP.NET core is still early release, and still buggy. Wait for another year to make it mature enough :slight_smile:
Why I choose Elixir over C#, because I feel more produtive with it. Thats all.

APS.NET it sounds for me like heavy, bulky MVC bloatware … :slight_smile:
But I don’t have anything against opening dot net core (especially you can run F# on it)

What do you mean on F#? Does anyone use F#?

A lot of people use F# for web services and as far as I know its growing at a steady pace.Its a good language. Many people are moving from c# on the server side to F#. to get some of the advantages we concurrently enjoy with elixir.

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I didn’t realise that. I have to use c# at work and I assumed Microsoft were slowly pushing f# out as they keep taking features and adding them to c#.

Id do not see MS phasing out f# any time soon. C# does get more functional but in my mind they solve 2 different problems using the same set of tools. the tools being .net

Getting Started with F# on .NET Core intro from Channel 9 .

De facto F# is open source project under F# Software Foundation. Microsoft helps but don’t have full control over it :slight_smile:

I thought due to the easy integration of .net into F# that it was a 100 % MS language. I`m glad I was wrong as that opens up a more exciting world for that language.

Definitely a good thing it’s open source. I would guess if they didn’t open source it they would have killed it off.

Is F# hard to learn?

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F# is just OCaml on .NET, same syntax, same calls, same everything, except it lacks first class modules because of .NET limitations would make implementing them inefficient. Take any OCaml tutorial, ignore the first-class modules/functors stuff, and it works for F# too.

But like OCaml, it is very very simple to learn.

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I was just looking at F# so I am not a expert. The hardest is to learn first functional language. After you know one is not so hard to learn another :slight_smile: . Currently I am learning Haskell (also ML language).
If you want to get little know F# check this blog

Check this intro

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Where the people are using f#?