Assets file giving 404 for an umbrella app elixir phoenix (using reactjs react-phoenix)

Hello, I’m new To Elixir Lang
I have created a elixir app using umbrella , and i have GraphQL playground using absinthe .
I’m using reactjs via elixir view ( not by rendering React Dom) .
Everything is working Fine Locally my react components are rendering and working fine
my issue is in deployment,
I’m deploying my app on Heroku
I’m using These build packs with Heroku postgress addon
1: GitHub - heymackey/heroku-phoenix-umbrella-static-buildpack
2: GitHub - heymackey/heroku-phoenix-umbrella-static-buildpack

I was getting a hard time in deployment but i managed to deploy successfully
when i visit ‘/’ path which should be rending my view - but nothing is happening, then i checked logs and i noticed that its unable to fetch assets , giving 404.

but my graphQL Playground is functional when i visit ‘api/graphiql’

I belive the issue is setting the correct path for assets in heroku_phoenix_umbrella_static_buildpack.config file

here are my current settings

Set the NodeJS version to be installed.


Set the NPM version to be installed.


Comma delimitted list of application assets paths. By default the configuration uses assets which works for

a vanilla Phoenix application where the root of the project is the application root as well.


Set whether or not to clean out the cache after the deploy.





i tried assets_path=assets this gives me error
assets_path=assets/ will give me 404

so whats the best way to configure , is it related webpack fie? or config.ex or what ?