Assign @xxxxx not available in eex template

i am passing these assigns form the controller:

def edit(conn, %{"id" => id}) do
    user = Users.get_user!(id)
    changeset = Users.change_user(user)
    timezones = Timezones.list()

    render(conn, "edit.html", user: user, changeset: changeset, timezones: timezones)

in the template i am using it like this:

<%= render_shared "form_alert", changeset: @changeset %>
    <%= form_for @changeset, @action, [as: :user], fn f -> %>
        <%= select(f, :timezone, @timezones, class: "custom-select",) %>

but it says that assigns @timezones is not available in the remplate

Have you try outputting timezones value in the controller?

You can use the logger library or just IO.inspect.