Astarte - an IoT and Data Orchestration platform

Last week we released Astarte 0.11.0, the last Astarte stable release in the 0.x series. Astarte was born as an IoT platform written in Elixir, but it’s shifting fast towards a full-fledged Data Orchestration platform. Astarte 0.11 provides you with all the IoT commodities you might expect and more, from device management to data collection, and brings in enhanced performance and stability plus a number of additional features such as groups, Prometheus metrics, better scalability, improved device stats and more.

Elixir is a first class citizen in Astarte. Astarte Elixir libraries allow you to easily extend Astarte to implement additional custom services with little effort. Astarte also provides Elixir client libraries, and a dedicated Elixir Device SDK, which can be used with your Nerves embedded projects.

Astarte 0.11 also comes with a completely rewritten Kubernetes Operator, meaning reduced deployment times and reconciliation times (from minutes to seconds), and a more stable experience in cluster management

Last but not least, Astarte has several Device SDKs for different languages, and even device-specific SDKs (e.g.: ESP32). You can find them all at

If you are not interested in IoT or data orchestration, we suggest anyway to watch/star our project for updates, since we spin-off shiny new Elixir libraries (or useful modules) as we try to solve some of Astarte’s technical challenges.