Atom Beam.smp using up 100% resources

is anybody else finding beam.smp to take up 100%+ system resources on macOS when launching Atom editor with the deprecated atom-elixir/language-elixir plugin?

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I don’t like atom at all :slight_smile: (visual studio code/ spacemacs fan)

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Here the erl process started by atom is using <0.01% CPU in the process list. Atom itself is eating 0.44% while it does nothing… >.>

I don’t either. That’s why I’m trying to find/make a quick cheat sheet on common spacemacs commands to get me going efficiently.

Things like:

  • opening windows and closing them
  • opening help documentation and closing them (buffers?)
  • neotree - efficient file/folder traversal, file creation, deletion, renaming
  • split view debugging! oh, this would be lovely.
  • multi-line editing

(haven’t had time to figure out the tern binary not found error)

Tern is for javascript …
First you need to install it on your system.
Spacemacs js layer

But I prefer visual studio code for js editing

Our spacemacs wiki

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That literally means that the tern binary, the tern program, is not found. Can you run tern on your terminal? :slight_smile:

One of your layers is looking for the tern program and you do not have that program on your path is the reason. :slight_smile:

which tern -> /usr/local/bin/tern

My .spacemacs config file looks a bit ugly, but here it is. Do I need to separate the plugins into a layers file?

Windows users may need to set the variable tern-command in order for emacs to locate and launch tern server successfully. See this open issue for more details. The variable can be set when adding the javascript configuration layer:

(javascript :variables tern-command '(“node” “/path/to/tern/bin/tern”))

You can also try to run emacs GUI from terminal.

the problem is with the PATH not finding the tern binary when using spotlight.

but if I use open /Applications/ --args --debug-init (fish shell, iterm), it works fine.

which emacs returns /usr/bin/emacs, which isn’t what I installed.

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ok so can you just specify tern location in spacemacs config file when you define javascript layer?
I think this should fix problem
(javascript :variables tern-command '("node" "/path/to/tern/bin/tern"))

But any way you won’t find better editor for javascript than visual studio code :smiley:

  • node.js debugging
  • typescript definitions: you can download typescript definition for library for example jquery and then you have documentation, code hints for this library
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I’ve given up on Atom. Atom on my Mac always got frozen in about 3 minutes and prompt “wait or close”. I’ve tried Emacs, Spacemacs and Vim each for a while. Finally I think VS Code fits me the best and it’s very stable.

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I tried the configuration change but there seems to be a syntax error, no? I am editing the .spacemacs file where JavaScript is mentioned.

I have tried, and didn’t worked for my case either. Can you post this question on our spacemac wiki?

I see there is also something like this

I have the same problem except while using Vim plugin:
So it’s not Atom specific problem. Should I report an issue on ?

Beam.smp is taking lots of cpu usage after opening ex file. After couple of minutes it calms down, but story repeats whenever I close and open file again.

I too have the same issue. And I believe, its the ElixirLS VS code extension I installed causing beam to run all the time (whenever VS code is running)

ElixirLS development has stopped. You should switch to this fork
You can find it with elixir-lsp from Visual Studio Code extensions.

If it’s elixir ls, it’s probably dialyzer running a lot analysis. Eventually the results will be cached and it will stop that.