Auth using Phoenix API with React Native frontend in a separate code base

Hey all,

I’m writing an app using Phoenix as an API and I have a separate codebase for React Native.

I’m researching the best way to handle Auth in this scenario. I’ve been looking around quite a bit and I’m coming up with a lot of different answers, and I’m struggling to distill it down into the best direction.

I’d like users to be able to sign up in a traditional way with UN/PW, but I plan to implement OAUTH and allow users to register with Google and Apple as well.

What are the current best options for this scenario?

Hi and welcome,

Probably this can help…

Thank you!

I’ve seen this mentioned.

So, I should use that for the initial authorization and then Guardian for handling request authentication. That makes sense.

I appreciate the response!


I’m building same thing as you, api and backend in phoenix and for the app react native.
How would you use uberauth as initial authorization???

Im still learning both elixir/phoenix and react native and for what i’ve seen the social login would be made in the app and after response we could communicate with the api (guardian) creating a new user or logging in the existing one