Authentication / User Management Packages

When looking on Hex or on the awesome-elixir list, it becomes clear that there are many different use authentication and management packagges for Phoenix.

All of them do different things, and all of them are in different states of completion.

Yesterday I burned my fingers on Addict. It claims to manage many things for you. I was however unable to use it for my project:

  • I could not find out how to log a user in for integration(/controller) tests.
  • What happens when a user gets registered or logged in is hard-coded in Javascript
  • It is, at least by default, only possible to register/log users in using AJAX; a simple log-out link will thus not work.

I have read about Guardian, which is said to (I haven’t used it myself yet) do authentication very well (but all user-management on top of that needs to be provided by you).

Then there is Ueberauth with many different adapters, which seems to be somehow connected to Guardian.

There also is sentinel that adds some functionality on top of Guardian.

We also have Aceaus, Blackbook and many others…

What authentication/user management packages have you used? What were your experiences with them? Which ones would you recommend, and which ones are definitely unfinished right now?

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