Available for new work: Steven C. Buttgereit (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Hi All–

I’m getting to a spot where I have availability for new work and thought I’d post a solicitation here.

My name is Steven C. Buttgereit and I am based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

For the past 14 years or so I have been doing business systems related consulting and development for small and midsized companies which can be generally described as inventory centric: manufacturing and distribution businesses. This consulting work has been done through my micro-consultancy, Muse Systems.

Prior to that I have a couple of decades experience spread across managerial, technical, and professional services roles. Much of this background was in supporting retail industry companies (bricks & mortar chains with online selling) or related software vendors.

I have been working extensively with Elixir over the past 3 years on a bootstrapped business systems project which I am constantly (but obliquely) mentioning here. In essence: this is a SMB targeted Enterprise Resource Planning system (though my marketing will never call it that). Admittedly, this project might be politely described as a highly aspirational vanity project for a solo developer, but there is some rhyme to the reasoning behind taking up such a project: I am very well versed in the business requirements of such systems, no one problem in the space is brain surgery (just a million simple problems), and as the system is built out, larger application architectural and operational issues become apparent but in a gentle, gradual way.

Beyond Elixir, my primary technical expertise is in relational database systems. I have around 20 years of PostgreSQL experience and around 10 years Oracle experience, with some branching out to MySQL and MS SQL Server. I also have done work developing in C++, JavaScript, with smatterings of Java and JVM languages along the way.

My business domain knowledge is strong in the areas of general business accounting, inventory accounting, procurement, sales, discrete manufacturing, and warehouse operations. I have project managed ERP and accounting implementations, working directly with senior management and business users to work through business process issues, perform gap/fit exercises, and in the design of new systems capabilities.

If I characterize where I fit best in an organization it is in either the client facing professional services roles or doing backend, database related development work.

Chiefly I’m looking for consulting/contract related work, but am open to interesting full-time positions as well. Travel, remote, or in-office work is all fine by me. Some relevant links below.

Professional Background and CV:

Sample work (Muse Systems Business Management System):

I can be reached via direct message here or on via the contact forms on the either the buttgereit.com or muse.systems websites.

Thanks much for your time and indulging me!



Good luck! Please post if you find something that fits you, your decisions will be invaluable for other members trying to find work!