Avoiding message leaks in tests?


When using assert_receive, how do you avoid leaking messages between tests?

Let’s assume that Test.publish(1) just sends the 1 to the test process (self()).

    test "do something" do
      result = Test.publish(1)

      assert result == :ok

    test "do something else" do
      # We forgot to publish 
      # Test.publish(1)

      assert_receive 1 # This would succeed randomly

The second test here would succeed randomly, if it’s being run after the first test.

How do you avoid this? Just adding a function to clear the mailbox between each test?

I can’t seem to replicate this behavior. Granted, it is not the same codebase as yours :grinning: Does assert_received/2 give you the same result?

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Each test runs in a separate process, so it is not possible for messages to leak, unless the “leaked” message is coming from your setup block, which is run on every test.


Yeah, there’s definitely something weird going on in my code. When running a simpler test it doesn’t actually leak anything.

Probably some external thing!