Awesome Elixir people

Wouldn’t it be nice to a list of awesome library authors that we can learn get inspiration on? I tend to learn by reading at other people’s code, and am currently looking for great elixir library authors.

Aside from Elixir and Phoenix core members (which I guess more of us already follow), please mention some not-widely-known but yet awesome people that are or have created some library you cant live without.

I’d like to follow those people on GitHub and learn a lot from their elixir code.


Well, the Elixir and Phoenix people are way awesome people ! kudos to them for creating such an awesome community.

As for learning from others code, I like to read the libraries from @expede, mostly her functional-elixir ones algae, quark, and witchcraft, mostly 'cause I’d like to use ADTs on elixir one day.

Will post more people as they come to mind and I get to my laptop haha.


@bitwalker of Distillery/exrm , @rrrene of credo come to mind. You can also look at this✓&type=world&language=elixir to see top elixir Github users.


I really do not like that list. It is only based on stars.

I do not want to talk bad about @h4cc or his achievements, but he has more than 5k stars for elixir projects alone from his awesome-elixir list. Another one or two hundred stars come from real code. That awesome list is mainly driven by people, not a single man, but only one man does get the stars. What if that list were hosted by by elixir-core or phoenix? Then h4cc weren’t even on that list.

Also the star count doesn’t tell anything about code quality. It just tells that there is a project that people are interested in.

And as shown in the first example already, sometimes there are people hidden behind organisations. There is no @josevalim on the first page, @chrismccord is ranked 22nd. Both of them belong to the top ten in my personal ranking.

One can use that list as a hint, but shouldn’t use it as the only source of truth.


I think the question was more for discovering lesser known people :slight_smile: I doubt there is anyone who does not know @josevalim or @chrismccord. Stars is obviously a poor approximation but still overall it’s a pretty solid list .

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@NobbZ: If the current voting system is not satisfactory, then we should to do something about it.
Who will be interested to create a Elixir Ideas page?
We hope that it can create project ideas (no code), and real-life projects and connect them with their sources (for example, on github) and provide a better voting system.

From others:

  1. Useful Project vote
  2. Code Quality rating
  3. Honours - for example: Passed by credo
  4. Interesting idea/project vote
  5. I’m using it vote

From main developer:

  1. Loking for people that know topic - I have idea that have lots of votes, but I don’t know a good algorithms
  2. Looking for people to work on it - I have idea that have lots of votes, but I don’t have a time to do it
  3. Honours - for example: Elixir Job (regarding to 2nd point), Level Medium (search filtering)
  4. Deps - so we can find projects that we can help - we are good at Ecto, so let’s search project that need help and have Ecto in dependencies

In that way developers may create a hundred of ideas and focus on that which have most popularity + better communication between developers.

What do you think about it?