Awesome Elixir - What do you think is missing?

Hello everyone,

About a month ago, I released Awesome Elixir @LibHunt. It is based on the relative “awesome-elixir” github lis, yet it is different. It has some valuable additions that could be very helpful - ordering by popularity, dev activity and the option to compare packages. Also, I believe, it has a decent and easy to use UI/UX.

So far, there are 878 packages organized into 69 categories. I’d very grateful, if you check it out and suggest here new categories (if necessary), or just add a popular package that is missing.

Of course, any other feedback will be very helpful.



I really like this – it is a lot easier to search through this website than it is to scroll through the Github page.

What might help, is if besides the short descriptive blurb, (the first part of) the from the respective GitHub project is also shown, as this often contains more information about when a library is or isn’t suited for your needs, as well as some examples.


I think the original readme needs better curation before it gets too big. The owner of the repo should check if the stuff listed is still supported, used, or “awesome”. Otherwise it becomes a laundry list of accepted PRs made just to say you have a repo with a lot of stars.


Thanks Qqwy! In fact, you are the third person asking for adding the READMEs. I will consider this for sure.

Yeah, makes sense.

I did not know this existed, but I’m glad I now do, good job and thank you!

I will check this first next time I have a specific need in mind, but as you asked for feedback, it would be nice tf the main page columns (recently added and most popular) were clickable into a longer list. I would specifically like to see the popular libraries that I don’t know about, but I don’t see the top ten being in much flux anytime soon.

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What a great resource this is, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It’s another way that I can help the community - tutorials, for example.

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@ckhrysze, thanks! That’s not a bad idea. I was thinking of adding some basic pagination.

You should go through the specific categories to browse the popular projects at the moment.

Thanks @themarlzy. That section is still to be developed further. Any specific ideas will be highly appreciated.