'Awesome lists' parser in Elixir

I was using Awesome Lists (mostly, Awesome Elixir) for some time and found that many projects in this list are not that awesome: many of them underdeveloped and not popular, many of them abandoned long time ago.

So I’ve decided to tackle this problem by parsing awesome lists, adding stars and marking outdated repositories. All awesome lists are on one site now: https://awesomerank.github.io/

To see how stars and marking outdated work, better to look into one of child repositories, for example: https://awesomerank.github.io/lists/h4cc/awesome-elixir.html

Builder itself is here: https://github.com/awesomerank/rank
There are some ideas listed in its TODO list inside README. I think there are more things that can be done with this parser.

Any feedback is very welcome.


It would be nice if you could use it on mobile, but unfortunately it’s much too wide to be readable. It does not fit content to screen size

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@sztosz, fixed, please check.

@denispeplin: Thank you for this awesome list! I found some really helpful Elixir projects!
I have a problem with Linux list, please take a look at: https://awesomerank.github.io/lists/aleksandar-todorovic/awesome-linux.html

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Looks awesome now :smiley: really nice to use tool. Definitely first place to look when I’ll need to add new functionality to an app :slight_smile: and I tend to do those preliminary searches on phone, that why it was important to me :thumbsup:

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Cool, I’ve been thinking that awesome lists need some kind of central management :smile:


Very good. Has search and categories and everything. Why I did never heard about it?

Only two thinks I don’t like about it:

  1. These “relative ratings” don’t tell me too much.
  2. It seems is not opensource.

I was expecting I’ll break some lists.
Thank you for report!
Will look at it soon.

@Eiji, Awesome Linux itself is broken. It renders well for Github Readme, but breaks when rendered inside Jekyll site. I’ve made a pull request and waiting for response: https://github.com/aleksandar-todorovic/awesome-linux/pull/40

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Thanks @denispeplin for your awesome work!

Yep, that is what has/will happen to something like this. In the end it will vanish someday because it does not “scale” for work and time.

A more scaling approach would be to adapt hex.pm and enrich it with more community driven information.