Aws_rds_castore - Certificate validation for AWS RDS DBs


Enable verification of server certificates in AWS RDS DB connections, e.g. through EctoSql. Includes the latest private root CA certificate bundle from AWS RDS, along with a helper function to set the connection’s ssl_opts.

Usage: add aws_rds_castore as a dependency and update your DB configuration in runtime.exs as follows:

config :my_app, MyApp.Repo,
  url: database_url,
  ssl: true,
  ssl_opts: AwsRdsCAStore.ssl_opts(database_url)

Also supports Erlang projects, e.g. via pgo.

Credits: Much of the code, in particular the periodic update check in CI, is based on castore | Hex.

Q: Why do I need this?
A: AWS RDS uses privately issued certificates for DB servers, so certificate verification against the standard (OS or Hex package) trust stores would fail; in practice the server certificate is often ignored

Q: Is it not enough to just set ssl: true ?
A: Setting ssl: true will enable TLS, which ensures the DB connection is encrypted and therefore protected from snooping by a passive attacker. However, on OTP versions prior to 26 the server certificate is ignored by default, which means an active attacker could potentially hijack the communication without being detected.

Q: Does this fix the “Server authenticity is not verified…” message logged by OTP 25?
A: Yes, enabling server certificate verification using the ssl_opts from this library will eliminate this warning

Q: Will this work with OTP 26, where certificate verification is enabled by default?
A: I have not yet tried OTP 26 with AWS RDS, but I suspect it will fail to connect to AWS RDS over TLS without ssl_opts, because it will try to verify the server certificate against the OS trust store. Using this package and the ssl_opts it generates should fix that.

Q: Why do I need to pass the server’s URL/hostname to ssl_opts?
A: At least for Postgres-type databases the TLS handshake is started on a previously established TCP connection. In such cases the ssl module needs to be told explicitly which hostname to use when verifying the server certificate.

Q: Does this work with all AWS RDS DB types?
A: For now it has only been tested with Postgres-type DB instances. Please let me know if you use it with other DB types, either successfully or unsuccessfully.



Did a quick test with Aurora Postgres and seems to work just fine!

Wow I have been killing myself over this for hours today. Thank you! :pray:

thanks for this handy lib! solved my RDS PG15 default params and OTP26 problem.

Due to the increased relevance (thanks to ssl changes in OTP 26) and interest I decided to turn this project into a hybrid Elixir/Erlang project: v1.1 can be built using Rebar3 and includes an Erlang module aws_rds_castore with the same API as the Elixir module.

One small warning: in order to ensure consistent behavior in Elixir and Erlang projects, this new version relies on the uri_string module from the Erlang/OTP standard library. This module is only available on OTP 21 or later, on older versions the ssl_opts function does not accept URIs, only hostnames.

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