Back End Engineers Wanted for NYC and Sofia

SimpleBet is recruiting multiple Elixir engineers of all skill levels for their projects in NYC and Sofia Bulgaria. SimpleBet is in the sports betting and gaming industry and offers interesting oportunites for doing Greenfield development on the Elixir Platform and using Rust Language for all high throughput numerical computation. Whether you are new to Elixir and experienced at other languages and looking for something new, or you are an experienced Erlang or Elixir developer, we are interested in talking to you.

About us
SimpleBet a New York City based company that builds B2B products for the Sports Betting industry. We will also be opening an office in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a small business without all the politics of large corporations.

My name: Robert E. Simmons Jr.
My position: Chief Technology Officer
Company name: SimpleBet
Country: USA / Bulgaria
Company info and history:
SimpleBet is building a brand new Elixir/Rust microservices platform centered around a central Kafka message broker to facilitate all mechanisms involved in pricing bets, taking bets and setting bets in the sports betting industry. Employees will be involved in concepts such as machine learning, data analysis and a whole range of other skills that will advance your resume greatly as well as being interesting and fun.

About the job

Job title: Junior Software Engineer / Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer
Job description: Implement Microservices on an Elixir / Rust platform.
Salary range: Depends upon Expereience.
Position on remote work: Developers must be based out of NYC or Sofia but WFH is flexible.
Qualifications or experience required: We have all positions open.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Microservices platform based in Elixir.

About the interview process

The int4erview process starts with an email. You should send your Linked-In profile to From there I will contact you via email and set up a phone interview where we will have a conversation about your goals, experience, knowledge and so on. From there the successful candidate will have a second interview with the rest of the organization. Our goal is to move fast in this staffing drive.

Further info

Since SimpleBet is a startup with short timelines, this would not be a good fit for a 9 to 5 developer. We are looking for committed software engineers that have a passion for code and building solid platforms and are looking to grow rapidly in a short amount of time. You do not need to be an expert at Elixir (though that helps) but you do need to be able to learn and adapt quickly.