Backend Software Developer at Programmai (London, or remote in Europe)

About us

My name: Libo Shen
My position: Head of Engineering
Company name: Programmai
Country: UK
Company info and history:

At Programmai, we use Machine Learning to empower e-commerce companies to market online effectively using their own data.

We’re a London based early-phase startup that just closed our seed round. We are building an easy-to-use platform to unleash the power of Machine Learning to help our clients with digital marketing.

Tech we use at present:

  • Google Cloud Platform, managed with Terraform;
  • Elixir for APIs, storage, and external integration;
  • Python for the Machine Learning pipelines;
  • React for the first version of our frontend (we are assessing ReasonML and Elm for the new version, stay tuned!)

About the job

Job title: Backend Software Developer
Job description: develop the backend of our web platform.
Salary range: negotiable
Position on remote work: onsite preferred (after COVID-19)
Qualifications or experience required:
3+ years expeirence in developing software (personal project counted)
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Build APIs to serve our user-facing web applications.
  • Model the business logic in relational databases.
  • Integrate with external APIs (e.g. Facebook, Google).
  • Help to evolve our system, improve automation, and make important technical decisions with us.
  • Review code and share knowledge.

About the interview process

  1. First, an interview with me. The interview will consist of: a free form chat just to know more about each other, a few quiz questions to know what kind of expertise you have, and a live coding session (in Elixir preferably) on a small problem. The interview should be about 1 hour.
  2. Then you can continue the small coding project we started in the live coding session, spent ~2 hours (offline, no pressure) to finish it and polish a bit. Then sent it to us, so we can have a more accurate sense of your engineering/coding abilities. We will give you feedback after we finish evaluating it.
  3. Finally, have a chat with our founder, know more about each other, and he can answer your questions about the company more generally. I’ll also join you if I have time.

Further info

How to Apply: Please fill out this Typeform

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Does this mean that you would not hire non-London based candidates?