Backup of Jose's "Prompts for AI agents in Elixir" from Twitch

Catching up with the community progress and Thinking Elixir Podcast mentioned two interesting videos by @josevalim :

But both are not available anymore. Was not able to find any copy, had anybody downloaded them from Twitch? Maybe it would be good idea to post them to at least YT as well.

IIRC Twitch keeps videos of non-TwitchPrime users for 7 days?

Tools like yt-dlp can easily download the videos while they are still up. Sorry that they disappeared, it’s just that it’s not at all difficult to archive them.

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I keep highlight of most of my videos for future viewers. However, I haven’t kept of these videos because, honestly, they are not worthy of your time. I was not able to get anywhere and most of it was brittle prompt tweaking. Good news is that on July 24th I will likely give the problem another try, but using OpenAI’s function completion API, and I am hoping we will have better results. :slight_smile: So join us then!


100%, this one is more an issue of me being out offline with family as we have summer holidays going on now in Europe :slight_smile:

So join us then!

Awesome, thank you and “see” you then!

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