Bagu Alexandru Bogdan - Backend Developer


My name is Bagu Alexandru Bogdan, I’m 30 years old and right now I’m living in Iasi, Romania. I’m currently looking for a remote position to work mainly with Elixir/Phoenix also I have experience with Ruby (around 1 year), PHP (5 years), Perl (3 years).

You can find a resume here:

Projects build with Elixir/Phoenix

  1. RequestMock - allows you to set up custom endpoints to test and inspect HTTP requests & responses which came from different libraries, webhooks and APIs
  2. DonateThings - a classfild platform for donating things in my country
  3. ecto_generator - Tool for generating schemas in Phoenix for MySQL and Postgresql
  4. simplehttp - HTTP client without dependencies written in Elixir

Personal Website:


The simplehttp link is broken.

Thanks. Fixed